Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed to plant new lavender bedsVolunteers Needed

Neighbors near our property have kindly offered their yards for additional lavender beds to extend the growing locations for Truly-Life.  We are ready to plant another new lavender bed and need help from volunteers. Depending on the weather conditions, we plan to plant in early March but this may shift a few weeks. The ground temperature needs to be above freezing.

This is an opportunity to get your hands dirty and help a small company expand their garden business in the middle of an urban city.  Truly-Life is home to a thriving skin care business that depends on herbs, loofahs and flowers from our garden in Alexandria, VA.  Our business goal is to plant at least 20 new lavender plants in 2017 at the extended garden locations.  A volunteer day allows people to discover another element of our beautiful tiny operation and can leave you feeling good about improving the local soil.  With the assistance of volunteers, we can showcase our business and continue to contribute to the local economy.  So consider  joining us for some fun exercise, and spread the word!  Volunteers will also receive small product perks as a token of our appreciation.

What you can expect when volunteering for this activity

You will learn exactly what is needed to plant a new lavender bed in a grass filled yard.  Our work time will be for one hour and, depending on the number of volunteers, it could be less.  Shovels will be our main tool, so you will get exercise in your arms, legs and core. There will be some loading of grass into our car and unloading of compost and sand.  The lavender plants will not be planted until warm weather in the Spring.

Lavender InstallHow to get involved

Contact Mellenie for the date and time details of this install.  Wear comfortable boots or shoes and working clothes.  We will provide shovels and work gloves.