The Breakup Smudge Sticks


Nothing says it’s over like smelling the smoke.

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The Breakup Smudge Sticks can clear the bad energy that might be following you.

Smudge sticks have been used by Native Americans for thousands of years in ceremonies with certain herbs for specific traditions. We started our own tradition with these hand-harvested mini-bundles straight from the Truly-Life garden.  Infuse your home with a new energy. Transform your bath into an invigorating spa. Build your own new tradition in the backyard around the fire pit or in your fireplace.  Our smudge sticks are designed to clean and clear your mind of bad memories, so you can restart with refreshing clarity.  Job, relationship, it really doesn’t matter because nothing says it’s over like smelling the smoke.

To use, hold a match to one end, blow it out and wave the smoke around the area. We suggest you use a metal or glass bowl under the stick when inside a building. Completely extinguish in sand or dip in water to use again.  Enjoy your new freedom!

The Breakup Smudge Sticks come in a black box with a jute ribbon and detailed instructions.

INGREDIENTS: Lavender, Lambs Ear, and Jute

Exclusively handmade in Alexandria, VA, USA.




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