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Bar soaps are made, sliced, and packaged by hand. Every bar is unique. For a multiple bar soap purchase – use the Bar Soaps – Select Three and SAVE!

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Our handmade bar soap is crafted with organic and natural ingredients to gently cleanse and moisturize the skin, including a dog’s skin.

We use natural plant oils and spices for color in our bar soap, better for your dog’s skin and our water supply. The ingredients are outside our window, purchased locally, or within the United States whenever possible. Fresh herbs are used in warm months and dried herbs are used for winter soap batches. We use cold process method, which involves warming the oils to 100 degrees, mixing water and sodium hydroxide – allowing it to cool to 100 degrees.  At the exact same temperature the two are poured together and mixed for about 1 hour.  Once the mixture has thickened the batch is poured into silicone bread molds and placed in coolers to come up to room temperature within 24 hours. Our bars are sliced with a large standard kitchen knife.  Most of the soap will be sliced for bars, some will be infused into loofahs and all will be placed on a rack to cure for 4 weeks.  After curing, a PH test is done to ensure the process has worked and there is no trace of sodium hydroxide left in the product.  Next they are packaged in biodegradable paper.  Bar code labels seal the bar soaps headed to retail stores that use scanners.  Simple labels, use less paper, so they seal all the other bar soaps.

Our bar soaps are at least 4oz., but most are 5oz. and the ends can be around 6oz.  Expect to wash with rich natural moisturizing ingredients, not chemicals.  Each bar soap is safe for you, your baby, and even your dog.  Use our handmade soaps within 12 to 18 months after purchase.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Water, (Scented also contain Essential Oil, Herbs & Spices). NET WT. 4 OZ.

Types: Max’s Plain Dog Soap (unscented) | Lavender (light and mild)




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Max's Plain Dog Soap, Max's Lavender Dog Soap


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