Max’s Dog Soap & Start of Truly-Life

Max started Truly-Life with Max’s Dog Soap.Max Sleeping

When I adopted Max from the Alexandria Animal Shelter back in 2004 he was three years old.  It seemed fitting to have a party to introduce him and celebrate his birthday.  That tradition continued each year and I provided different party favors each year for the event.  As time went on, I started to become more concerned about the environment and was making changes in my life to be more “green”.  In 2007 Max’s party favors were my handmade soaps and they were very well received.  I decided to start a small business named Truly-Life and one of the first products would be Max’s Dog Soap, of course.

Having Max made me want to work from home and run a small business.  The water cooler moments and lunch chats with former colleagues are missed, but the commute to my previous office is a distant bad memory.  With my current commute downstairs, Max spends most of his days watching me from one of his many favorite spots in the studio. He’s a source of motivation in the depressing winter months to get up and get out for our morning walks.  Working in the garden with him during the summer, growing herbs and loofahs, has been a pleasure.  Max enjoys keeping me company or just sleeping in the sunshine on a grassy spot in the middle of the yard.

Max Donation Delivery

Max with donation delivery in 2015

Max’s 15th birthday party is February 20. Each year we invite his doggie friends over along with their human partners.  Instead of gifts, we ask guests to bring used sheets and towels, so Max can deliver donations back to the shelter to help other animals, which always includes Max’s Dog Soaps. Max is a Superstar and the main reason I love my job.  I’m thankful my photography education and marketing experience found a way to continue in my career path.  It’s good to be willing to evolve.

Max Summer 2012

Photo by Wayne Hulehan