Improving Your Skin

Improving Your SkinImproving your skin starts today.

Drinking water is the best thing you can do to hydrate and improve your skin.  Sounds easy enough, however most Americans are actually dehydrated.  We don’t drink enough water to keep our body and skin properly hydrated.

Think about your daily drinking habits. Chances are you consume too many caffeinated sodas each day.  The majority of people also drink tea or coffee. Drinking caffeinated drinks removes water from your system because it speeds your need to urinate.  So instead of continuing down this path and trying to apply moisturizer each day to over compensate for the H2O deficiency, lets try an alternative.

Building a new habit is never easy. The key is setting small, obtainable goals with slow and steady change. Forget the eight glasses of water a day. This might be the ultimate goal, but we are taking baby steps. Try one small glass of water a day for one month. Or a small glass of water before you can consume any other drink. If you start from zero and reach four glasses of straight water a day for a few months – check out your skin. Please let us know if you don’t see something fantastic looking in the mirror. Plus, achieving one goal will empower you to take up the next improvement challenge. Improving your skin today and the world tomorrow!