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Prices Increase

We want to stay affordable, but we also want to stay in business. We hope that you value our quality commitment to the product and to the environment. Your feedback is vital.

Pallet Safety

Ensure pallet safety before you attempt to reuse any pallet in your home or garden. The pallet industry is regulated internationally with each pallet stamped with the necessary information to make safe choices.

Improving Your Skin

Think about your daily drinking habits. Chances are you consume too many caffeinated sodas each day. The majority of people also drink tea or coffee. Drinking caffeinated drinks removes water from your system because it speeds your need to urinate. So instead of continuing down this path and trying to apply moisturizer each day to […]

A Greener Stay

A Greener Stay Presentation by Truly-Life for the Bed & Breakfast Association of Virginia Event in Staunton featuring ideas on how to create a greener stay or just live more green. Easy Steps for a Greener Stay Recycle – even when you are on vacation, at a conference or at the gas station. If recycling […]

Max’s Dog Soap & Start of Truly-Life

When I adopted Max from the Alexandria Animal Shelter back in 2004 he was three years old. It seemed fitting to have a party to introduce him and celebrate his birthday. That tradition continued each year and I provided different party favors each year for the event. Having Max made me want to work from […]

Truly-Life Soap Recipe

There are no soap recipes using only U.S. oils without using soy, which is one of the most controversial crops, genetically modified or not. Creating a new recipe was my new mission. After attempting several failed combinations, I started to corner Andy for help.

Winter Composting

Composting is an excellent way to improve your soil even in the winter. Our garden is full of Marine Clay, wonderful condition to stop any chance of radon in your basement, but unpleasant for gardening. Since we use our garden for our products such as loofahs, we need to supplement our soil.