A Greener Stay

A Greener StayA Greener Stay

Presentation by Truly-Life for the Bed & Breakfast Association of Virginia Event in Staunton featuring ideas on how to create a greener stay or just live more green.

Easy Steps for a Greener Stay

Recycle – even when you are on vacation, at a conference or at the gas station. If recycling is not offered take the items with you until you find recycling. This will save space in our landfills!

Stop Idling – the world has enough pollution, turn off your vehicle when not moving. Idling cars and trucks are wasting clean air and fuel. Contrary to popular belief vehicles do not need to idle, including diesel engines. Research it for yourself. This will save you money!

Reduce Meat Consumption – animals raised for food consumption cause high levels of pollution to our air and water. Consider reducing your meat intake each day. You do not need to become a vegetarian to make a big difference in your health and the amount of animals required to feed all of us each year. This will save you money!

Remove Liners – take plastic liners out of your trash cans. If you recycle and compost your trash is already reduced. You can place cooking grease, meat debris, or other personal items in a box or wrap in newspaper. Plastic liners will not break down in landfills and cause poisons to be released when burned. This will save you money!

Pet Waste – use newspaper to clean up solid pet waste. You can place newspaper under your pet before anything even hits the ground. This will save your money!

Plastic Wrap – everything is wrapped in clear plastic these days. All that plastic can be recycled at the front of all grocery stores or might be accepted in your normal city recycling collection.  See how quickly all these plastics can add up in your home in just one week.  This will save space in our landfills!

Disposable – everywhere you look, the retail industry is pushing for more and more disposable products such as mouse traps and hand towels. Washing hand towels has worked for decades. The same goes for cloth grocery bags, just wash them. If you do not like dealing with mouse traps, check out Victor’s reusable electric mouse trap. Check for alternatives before going to anything disposable.  This will save space in our landfills and save you money!

Separation – be sure to separate items before you toss them in the trash. Take a few minutes to separate items such as food.  If food has expired, empty the food from the container in the compost bin and recycle the container.  This will save space in our landfills!

Clothes – consider drying your clothes on a line instead of a dryer. In the winter clothes drying on a line indoors will actually help humidify your home.  This will save you money!

Bicycle – add a basket or rack to your bicycle and make local errands. This is a great way to exercise and see your neighborhood.  This will save you money!

Beyond the Green Basics

Nothing happens overnight, but every effort in this list will result in a big impact on our environment.

Loofahs in the Greener Garden

  • Natural soaps, lotions, shampoo, and conditioners
  • Organic cotton bedding
  • Cotton robes and towels
  • Cold water laundry
  • Low flow shower heads
  • Low flow toilet systems
  • Conventional lighting to LED bulbs
  • Low VOC carpet and paint
  • Bicycles for sightseeing
  • Grow your own organic veggies
  • Grow your own herbs
  • Dry fruits for winter months
  • Go meatless for one meal a week
  • Raise free range chickens
  • Join a CSA
  • Start composting
  • Install rain barrel collection
  • Use underground grey water collection system for irrigation
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Eco friendly cleaning supplies such as baking soda
  • Install low-e energy windows
  • Use recycled glass tiles
  • Provide recharging stations for electric cars

Green Promotions

  • Free meal or extra night for having a hybrid vehicle
  • No Footprint Living
  • Romantic Dark Skies
  • No Car Needed
  • Bicycle Mobility
  • Urban Hiking
  • Town Trolley

Green Teaming

Take advantage of all the area businesses to achieve a greener stay by teaming with local experts.

  • Purchase a Virginia Wine and create a wine soaked pear or something else magical
  • Discover a local dairy that makes yogurt or cheese
  • Find a local hunter to offer wild game or fish from an area pond
  • Host a workshop on how to can jelly, or make wine
  • Find a crafts person to build furniture, make a rug or ceramics
  • See if the playhouse will offer you an exclusive discount

Larger Investments for a Greener Way of Life

Alternative energy sources such as Wind, Solar, and Geothermal are fast becoming viable options across the country.  Consider what would work best for your location.

Certifications for Greener Proof

Organizations are available to provide certification to your home, business, or event with Green Hotels Association or Green America. Research these or others to find what would work best for your needs.